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In today's age, technology has become affordable, making it unnecessary for property portals to charge exorbitant amounts. This is precisely why we exist- to offer estate agents like you a portal that offers comparable features at a significantly lower cost. Additionally, we provide a guarantee that your price will never increase beyond the yearly inflation rate. No other portal is offering this to the market.

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New property portal

Built with the goal of bringing affordable listings and reliable pricing to estate agents across the UK

A price like no other

A low subscription cost with no contract, on a rolling month to month basis and a guarantee that your subscription cost will never go up by more than the cost of inflation*

A chance to build something new

We want to create a portal that breaks the stranglehold big-name companies have on the market and we need your help to do it!

A fair marketplace

Supporting the independent agents and levelling the field - all agents should be able to list, and all properties should be available to the public.

Join 1000s of other estate agents who have partnered with GNB Habitat in our fight against the cost of listing crisis.

Having provided software to estate agents over the years, we've noticed their dissatisfaction with how property portals dominate the market. These portals continuously raise their prices without considering the impact on agents who rely on them for leads and enquiries. This in turn has a knock-on effect in an already priced-out market. To address this issue, we developed a property portal that offers cutting-edge technology at a fraction of the cost. With technology being more affordable than ever, there's no justification for high fees. Our initiative has sparked a movement in the estate agency world, and we invite you to join us and thousands of others in our fight against the cost of listing crisis.

There will not be an instant impact, but we invite you to consider who’s currently “winning” - the portals or the agents?

We’re the only portal saying we won’t be deciding whether and how much your subscription changes

At GNB Habitat, we understand the financial hardships that estate agents are facing, especially during trying times. To help you manage your expenses with confidence and avoid unexpected costs, we have introduced the Coffee Cup Guarantee. This commitment is our way of giving you the peace of mind you need to succeed, and we are proud to include it in our Lifetime Price Guarantee Certificate as an essential part of your journey towards success.

Fun fact

GNB Habitat determines inflation by tracking the yearly rise in the cost of purchasing a grande-sized takeaway coffee from Costa Coffee, located at 1 Heygate Avenue, Southend-on-Sea SS1 1DQ, in the United Kingdom.

Coffee Cup Guarantee

We’d argue it’s independent businesses, and ultimately landlords buyers and tenants who are feeling the knock-on effects of these price hikes.

If you become a part of our movement today, not only will you enjoy a reduced subscription fee, but you will also receive a complimentary 6-month period as a token of appreciation. Our platform has gained significant traction since launching, boasting nearly 25% of all listings found on other major property portals in just 6 months. Don't hesitate any longer - it's a win-win situation and you'll be contributing to revolutionising the estate agency industry!

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Join the movement

Access exclusive benefits with a price guarantee of £10 per week, a Coffee Cup Guarantee and 6 months complimentary period! No contract.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the common inquiries we receive about GNB Habitat, as well as other relevant questions that may arise both before and after partnering with us.

That’s ok! We’re brand new! Our initial testing phase was completed with the support of a couple hundred agents. Now, in a short space of time, we’ve got over 20% of agents on the market represented. We haven’t done mass expensive marketing because simply put we aren’t in a rush, this is a process that is going to take time, cooperation, and support. We have faith in our mission and believe that with a little support from each agent in the country, a massive change can come, relatively quickly!

We aren’t looking to compete with any one portal, we want to work on reconfiguring the whole experience for the public and for agents. A fair marketplace where every agent can afford fantastic unique representation, and the public have access to all properties not just those with extra promotions on already expensive platforms

Our core belief is that you shouldn’t have to pay high prices for good service; that’s why we would only ever increase the price of our subscription in response to inflation - we’re the only portal saying we won’t be the ones deciding whether and how much your subscription changes.

We call this our “Coffee Cup Guarantee” because we measure the rate of inflation by tracking the price increase in a cup of coffee from the high street.

Absolutely not. We want to make you as successful as possible and part of that means never prohibiting you from taking full advantage of other portals. Though we don’t think you’ll want to!

Unlimited. We don’t charge by the number of listings you have, so you can post as many times as you want without worrying about being charged more than your basic subscription. The same goes for inbound enquiries, appointments booked, inbound calls and emails. We’re doing this because we simply want to support the experience of connecting agents to the public.

We don’t charge by number of listings, inbound enquiries, appointments booked, inbound calls or emails. We’re doing this because we simply want to support the experience of connecting agents to the public. Also, we don’t need to keep tabs on this, because we won’t be approaching you to justify tripling your subscription because you got “x” amount of business from us. We’re more than happy to direct traffic directly to your site and push your direct phone lines and email addresses.

The only additional charge will be for valuation requests. Your first 10 are complimentary and thereafter we will take a small commission of just £2.50 for each additional valuation the portal generates for you.

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Why wait any longer? Come join us on our journey towards transformation and make an investment in your agency today!

Before you go, we would like to offer you 6 months of complimentary subscription - with no obligation.

Join GNB Habitat and make a lasting difference in the industry.


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Join the movement

Access exclusive benefits with a price guarantee of £10 per week, a Coffee Cup Guarantee and 6 months complimentary period! No contract.