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The shared living beat

Get the scoop on the latest trends, stories, and advice all about shared living in the UK.

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The New Age of Shared Living: What to Expect in 2023

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Navigating Shared Leases: Rights, Responsibilities, and Resolutions

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Making Space: Creative Ideas for Organising and Personalising Shared Accommodations

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Safety First: Essential Tips for a Secure Shared Living Experience

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The Financial Benefits of Shared Living: Saving, Budgeting, and Splitting Costs

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Shared Spaces, Shared Memories.

Discover co-living experiences that match your rhythm and lifestyle.

Roommate Matcher:

An interactive tool that helps individuals find compatible roommates based on preferences, habits, and lifestyle.

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Featured Shared Spaces:

Spotlight on shared accommodations that stand out for their design, amenities, location, or unique features.

Community Reviews:

A section where current and past tenants can leave feedback about the living dynamics, landlord, and the environment of the shared accommodation.

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Shared Accommodation Guides:

Articles and resources on topics like navigating shared expenses, setting house rules, and ensuring a harmonious co-living environment.

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Virtual Tours:

Offer 360° virtual tours of the shared spaces, allowing potential tenants to get a feel for the property before visiting.

Safety & Security:

Highlight safety features and measures of each property, such as security systems, secure access, and neighborhood safety ratings.

Events & Social Calendars:

Integrate a feature that showcases any scheduled communal events or activities, fostering a sense of community amongst tenants.

Shared Amenities Highlight:

Detail communal spaces like shared kitchens, lounges, or study areas, emphasizing features that enhance the co-living experience.

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Flexible Terms:

Spotlight properties that offer short-term leases or easy move-in/move-out processes, catering to those in transitional phases of their lives.

Shared Expense Tracker:

An integrated tool for roommates to track and split household expenses easily.

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Habitat Connect:

A community board where tenants can post messages, seek advice, or share announcements with their co-living community.

Location Perks:

Offer insights into the local area, highlighting nearby amenities, entertainment spots, parks, and transport links that make the shared living experience more enjoyable.

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Eco-friendly Shared Spaces:

Showcase shared accommodations that prioritize sustainability, from recycling programs to energy-saving measures.

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